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Five Weeks to a Social Library

Proposal/Abstract: "The 'How' of Wikis"

Starr Hoffman

(accepted, 10.02.2006)


Presentation Title: The “How” of Wikis


Format: To be presented as a cooperative, live webcast seminar (week of February 26th, 2007): The Wonderful World of Wikis: Applications for Libraries - Chad Boeninger, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Ohio University and The "How" of Wikis - Starr Hoffman, Librarian for Digital Collections, Government Documents Department, University of North Texas Libraries.


Presentation Abstract:

This presentation is designed as a follow-up to sessions that address the definition and uses of wikis. It builds on that introduction by taking a hands-on approach to the topic. Instead of displaying already-implemented wikis or static images and text, I will demonstrate how to start a simple remotely-hosted wiki, how to create and format a page, and how to edit. The presentation will concretely demonstrate how user-friendly and simple this technology can be by showing concepts instead of only describing them.


First, I will briefly review what wikis can be used for, and why they can be more suitable for specific applications than a traditional website. I will display various implementations, including subject guides, helpdesk information, community guides, a personal information manager, a department hub for projects and meeting notes, and a peer-review process for documentation.


Then I will demonstrate the basics of starting and using a wiki. I will show how to easily and quickly start a wiki, using the concept, “start your own wiki in five minutes!” I will briefly go over the pros and cons of remotely-hosted versus locally hosted wikis. I will explain the basics of formatting, composing, editing, navigation, and will demonstrate that various wikis have different formatting markup. I will also include a short glossary of potentially-confusing technical terms and acronyms, and will make this available as a printable document.


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info about week 3: Wikis and Social Bookmarking


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