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Project: Qualifications of Academic Library Deans


Original Notes


Next Steps:

  1. finish the literature review portion
  2. define the list of (current) ARL institutions/deans to be included in the study (66 for each of us to find)
  3. analyze each library dean's academic background
    • information sources:
      • information on the institution's website (library website, faculty/administrators website)
      • CV (institutional website, personal website, etc.)
      • academic catalog
      • information posted at conferences or in publications
      • alumni institutions
    • specific information to gather:
      • degrees earned
      • subject matter of degrees
      • research interests
      • number of years of experience at the dean position
      • any experience working as a librarian (or non-librarian faculty member?)
      • presentation/publishing record?
      • gender? (is this possible, from a document assessment? probably not)
      • what kind of "outcomes" or dependent variables should we look for?
    • should we also look at position postings, to see what are requirements or suggestions?  what do we do about institutions in leadership transition?


Analyze Information/Data

  • statistical analysis...?
  • create visual displays of information, helps with analysis and communication
  • discuss implications of data


Write Up Research


Post-Study To-Do's

  • write up the study and present at a conference where academic library deans are likely to attend
    • this will attract more attention toward wider participation in the broader study
  • (maybe publish an article based on it, after the presentation)
  • create the survey instrument and email it to all ARL deans
  • create follow-up presentation/article


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