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Activities Since June 2006

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Activities Since June 2006



Regular Duties

  • identify and capture CRS Reports
  • assign subject headings to CRS Reports; notify for upload
  • edit CRS and CC metadata using Metadata Analysis Tool
  • identify, capture, link-check, and upload websites for the CyberCemetery
  • enter UNT's GovDocs Digital Collections into national registries, etc.
  • notify documents community when new digital collections are made available
  • regularly read professional literature in the field
  • answer reference questions & enter into RefStats db
  • act as liaison to Philosophy/Religion Studies Dept.


Service/Professional Activities

  • attended FDLP, Fall 2006
  • attended NORDOC Fall 2006 meeting
  • Library Assembly
    • Committee on Committees
  • Denton Reads
    • Graphics Committee
  • Publications Committee
    • Friday Frags Redesign Workgroup
      • created example web-posting publication using categories in WordPress
      • drafted Charter Scope Statement
  • regularly attend ETG and Metadata Group Meetings
  • GovDoc Head Position Search Committee
  • member of ALA, LITA, GODORT
  • subscribe to a number of relevant list-servs and blogs
  • submitted paper to TLA for consideration
  • presentation on the use of wikis accepted (to be given in online course, February 2007)
  • joined Digital Preservation Network
  • attended UNT BI workshops
  • attended a number of online training sessions (OPAL, etc.)


Other Activities

  • helped create and edit Collection Plan for CC as part of NDIIPP project
  • tested Web-at-Risk's WAS
  • tested the Web Curator Tool
  • helped create a draft of the liaisons' digitization workflow
  • discussed options for Gammel's interface
  • reviewed/charted CRS workflow
  • charted other dept. workflows in which I am involved (for dept. review)
  • ran test searches on CRS site to determine metadata and search function problems
  • created documents for CRS Metadata Entry Standards and CRS Name Authority, based on edits/reconciliation made using the Metadata Analysis Tool (in order to keep the entry of names standard)
  • created work-related space on own wiki
  • create icons, thumbnails, and descriptions for GovDoc items and collections in the DLS
  • determined what CC metadata to capture, and at what level (site-level)
    • created input rules and guide (on wiki)
  • helped determine what epub metadata to capture
  • determined what ACIR metadata to capture
    • created input rules and guide (on wiki)
  • with student, created and edited ACIR metadata records
  • presented notes on Mobile Reference session, with Gayla and Erin, to Ad Council
  • attended several GovDoc training sessions (notes on wiki)
  • investigated IM reference service
  • commented (with rest of dept.) on MMDL web architecture redesign process
  • created library blog overview document (for ETG)
  • also see Fall 2006 To-Do List


Future Activities

  • interim liaison to Political Science Dept.
  • Tex-Fed

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