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Suzanne Sears, Chair

Librarian for Digital Collections Search Committee

University of North Texas Libraries

Post Office Box 305190

Denton, TX 76203-5190


Dear Ms. Sears,


I am applying for the Librarian for Digital Collections position that is posted on the University of North Texas Libraries website. I am interested in digital collections and specifically in the promotion of government documents to inform the citizenry.


The UNT Libraries mission specifically states an emphasis on electronic collections and supporting the university's programs. The Libraries' mission is extended as a federal depository to the community as a whole. I am passionate about working in a campus environment and extending the Libraries' services to the public. I have spent the last three years providing reference to an academic library community, two years of which were at a government documents service desk. In the past year, I have helped my department head develop a collaborative program to provide government documents to the local public library. In addition to my outreach activities, I have participated in my library's marketing activities by creating a themed calendar using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


I have had experience supervising student assistants, and supervised five staff members during an eight-month search for a new department head. During that time, I took a five-week workshop on supervisory skills. In addition to taking such workshops, I regularly read professional literature related to librarianship, technology, and government information.


I have had two years of experience managing digital projects, including both digitizing print documents and capturing born-digital documents. In addition, I have three years of experience creating metadata records, primarily using a Dublin Core-based schema. I am the website administrator for the Government Documents Round Table of the American Library Association (of which I have been a member for two years), and have been creating websites for over a decade. I have used several content management systems, such as Plone and Collage. In my current position, I am also a member of my library's Emerging Technologies Group and read a number of professional library, technological, and government information blogs.


I love working in the academic library environment and contributing to a vibrant campus culture. It has been my honor to do so at an institution where I have also been charged to provide the public with valuable information about their government. I would love the opportunity to further perform this work at the University of North Texas Libraries.


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Starr Hoffman


Librarian for Digital Collections

University of North Texas Libraries

Government Documents Department

Post Office Box 305190

Denton, TX 76203-5190




Your introductory paragraph should include the title of the position you are applying for and where you saw the job announcement posted. You may also want to include a sentence indicating why you are applying for the position; this will lead the reader into the next paragraph.


Your second paragraph should address the library where you are applying. Do your homework. Go to the library's web site, and find the mission statement or other statement of purpose. Work this into your cover letter; you want the library to know you support and will strive to further its mission if selected for the position. This is also a good way to win points with a search committee, as they like candidates who proactively seek information.


The mission of the University of North Texas Libraries is to acquire, preserve, provide access to, and disseminate recorded knowledge in all its forms. Access will be provided increasingly through electronic networks and consortial arrangements. The Libraries, through traditional methods and through digital information resources, provide bibliographic, reference, and instructional support to assist the university's programs of teaching, research, scholarly and creative production, and public service.


The following three to four paragraphs should each address a different provision in the job announcement. You want to write a clear, concise paragraph that mentions what quality or skill they are seeking and how you will provide that. Remember, this letter, while seemingly about you, is really all about the library. For example: If a search committee is seeking a librarian who can 1) teach, 2) provide reference, and 3) use technology to improve the user experience, you want to address teaching first. This means writing one paragraph about your skill in each area and how it will benefit this library. Are you starting to see a pattern here?


Your last couple of paragraphs should help sell you to the library. This is a great place to talk about abilities in areas like time-management, self-motivation, and anything else that wasn't specifically mentioned in the job announcement. Avoid simply talking yourself up, though; make it apply to the position and the library. If you can incorporate your diverse skill set into the earlier paragraphs, do so there.






The Librarian for Digital Collections (Librarian II) is responsible for creating and maintaining the Government Documents digital collection initiatives, including the Congressional Research Service Reports Archive and the CyberCemetery. The librarian will participate in departmental reference activities and in outreach and marketing opportunities to support the Federal and State Depository Library Programs. This position will work closely with the Libraries’ Digital Projects Unit. This position is responsible for the supervision of one student assistant and reports to the Head of the Government Documents Department.




Creation and Management of Digital Collections:


· Supervise the work of student assistants and other departmental staff when participating in digital initiatives, and as needed.


· Collaborates with the Department Head and the Head of the Digital Projects Unit to initiate and manage partnerships with state and federal agencies to provide permanent public access to government information.


· Identify and capture content for the CRS Reports Archive and the CyberCemetery.


· Identify and implement new features or content for existing digital collections.


· Create metadata for departmental digital objects.


· Review existing workflows for departmental digital initiatives to ensure efficiency and effectiveness and document them.


· Serve as Curator for the NDIIPP Web at Risk project.


· Market existing digital collections.


· Identifies emerging technologies appropriate for use in a digital library setting.




Other Departmental Responsibilities:


· Design promotional graphics/materials for the department as-needed.


· Maintain and create web pages based on departmental needs.


· Participate in departmental outreach activities.


· Hold bibliographic instruction sessions as requested.




Scholarly and Professional Responsibilities:


· Is active professionally and contributes to the developments in the field






· Master's Degree in Library Science or Master's in Library and Information Sciences degree from an ALA-accredited program.


· 2 years professional academic library work experience.


· Demonstrated knowledge of basic PC applications including MS Office.


· Demonstrate effective communication skills


· Evidence of participation in professional organizations appropriate to the level of appointment






· Experience with graphic design and related software applications.


· Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.


· Experience with web page development.


· Experience using Dublin Core or other metadata scheme.


· Experience with government information.


· Experience providing reference services, including within a virtual environment.


· Experience with collection development.




APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Submit a letter of application, vita, and names, addresses (e-mail address helpful if available), and phone numbers of three professional references to Suzanne Sears, Chair, Librarian for Digital Collections Search Committee, UNT Libraries Administrative Offices, P. O. Box 305190, Denton, TX 76203-5190.


The University of North Texas is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution committed to diversity in its educational programs, thereby creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

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