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Article/Study Ideas


Writing Plans

  • Book: Dynamic Research Support in Academic Libraries (target publication: December 2015)
  • Dissertation into:
    • Mentoring preso (ASHE 2015?), then article (C&RL?)
    • Rest of research results (OUTPUT?)
    • Original ASHE paper with Annie into publication? (also look at our QQML data)
    • Literature Review (OUTPUT?)  
  • 6240 E-Reference paper into article
    • See if 1998 NCES ALS data is available & download
    • Crosswalk to IPEDS distance-learning data for all years (1996 - 2006)
    • Ask Dr. Hull about proper statistical analysis of the topic
  • "History" final qual paper into article/chapter? (HE or A-LIS?)


Thesis Chapters to Transform

  • Vernicle Iconography (ch. 3)
  • Vernicles and the Mass (ch. 5)
  • others may be important as background material for these:
    • Review of Literature/Methodology (ch. 1)
    • Historical Context (Hagiography, History of the Relic, etc.) (ch. 2)
    • Location of Vernicles (ch. 4)
    • Conclusion (ch. 6)


Academic Library / Higher Ed topics

  • education of academic library deans
    • PhD/other, major subject, ARL/not, private/public, 2yr/4yr/PhD-granting institution, etc. (also gender?)
    • what effect does their education and background have...
      • on their libraries? (ability to lead, demonstrable library outcomes, etc.)
      • on their salary?
    • OR simply study the PhD/other and subject, as a guide to what qualifications are considered when academic library deans are hired
  • gender/family issues for students & faculty


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