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Census Training



NCTCOG (North Central Texas Council of Governments) - TX population / counties (several cogs)


SuDocs: C.3 section = Census Bureau

  • but there are different censuses spread throughout GovDocs
    • Bobby creating a cheat sheet for these locations


Decennial Census (population)

  • early years (through 15th census) reprints are in reference (unlike vol. 16+)
    • HA214.F57
  • short form = 100%
  • long form currently 1/6 households
  • other censuses = additional information
  • some other census resources
  • varies by years (every decade; changes)
    • for instance, specific questions, racial/ethnic groups and names may change
    • may not be easy to compare data side-by-side


Tract/Block Maps (our OPAC entries)

  • through 1990 (2000?) on shelves
  • Texas census volumes, on reserve
  • printed some 2000 maps (map room, not all cataloged)
  • all 2000 are on CD
    • C3.2:M32/2002/CD
    • C3.275:C24/CD
    • C3.279/2:DVD-TGR2000-CTSI-V4
    • C3.301:6
    • C3.275:AM3
  • metro area = D vs FW = different volumes




TX Rep. data = Texana Collection?

Dallas Public Library = good for genealogy


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