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CRS Authority Control

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago

CRS Authority File (DC Creator)


Amer, Mildred L

Bamberger, Robert L

Baumrucker, Evelyne P

Bearden, David M

Becker, Geoffrey S

Behrens, Carl E

Bourdon, E. Richard

Buck, Eugene H

Burrelli, David F

Carter, Nicole T

Cavanagh, M. Suzanne

Cody, Betsy A

Coipuram, Thomas, Jr

Coleman, Kevin J

Cook, Nicolas

Cooper, William H

Corwell, Jennifer R

Dagne, Theodore S

Else, Daniel H

Elsea, Jennifer K

Elwell, Craig K

Esenwein, Gregg A

Fischer, Eric A

Fletcher, Susan R

Foote, Bruce E

Frittelli, John F

Gallis, Paul E

Gelb, Bernard A

Gilroy, Angele A

Gladstone, Leslie W

Gold, Donna L

Gravelle, Jane G

Hanrahan, Charles E

Hearne, Jean P

Herz, Elicia J

Holliday, George D

Hughes, H. Steven

Isler, Margaret M

Jackson, Pamela J

Jackson, William D

Jennings, Christopher Alan

Johnson, Judith A

Justus, John R

Kaiser, Frederick M

Kan, Shirley A

Kollmann, Geoffrey

Krouse, William J

Kumins, Lawrence C

Lake, Jennifer E

Laney, Garrine P

Lazzari, Salvatore

Lockwood, David E

Lowenthal, Mark M

Luther, Linda G

Maguire, Steven

to be completed ASAP

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