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CyberCemetery Metadata

(this page also included in the dpu wiki)



Valerie and I met 7.13.06, regarding metadata for the CyberCemetery (namely, choosing what we're wanting to gather). We decided that while Valerie is gone, I'm going to try to develop a working plan for the metadata we want to capture, and then I'll start gathering some of that data in a spreadsheet, and we'll see how the preliminary elements work. And we've got some questions. --starr


8.24.06 update: initial CC metadata creation is complete; each site has a XML metadata file and a .tif screen shot:

  • P:\CyberCemetery\4DLS


CC Metadata Entry Template

CC Metadata: Working Plan

CC Metadata Entry Rules (rough draft)


Metadata Questions


  • Which elements are repeatable? (okay, found this on the template)
  • Which have added values / modifiers? (found on template)
  • Which elements are required? (Mark, I know we talked about this, but I can't find it anywhere.)
  • What controlled vocabulary is used for the Digital Collections / Portal "subject?" (for CC, we'll try using LIV first)
  • Can "Format" be made repeatable?
    • How can we use this for site-level metadata? We've got so many file formats wrapped into these sites, and it'd be nice to use the field to specify any required software (MS Word for docs, etc.). The DC Element Set site seems to imply this is standard use, "Typically, Format may include the media-type or dimensions of the resource. Format may be used to identify the software, hardware, or other equipment needed to display or operate the resource." But I'm not sure how we're using that element here @ UNT. (adding "website" as a qualifier)


Still More Metadata Questions, 7.26.06


  • How are we relating the thumbnails to the CC metadata records? Should I make a spreadsheet that lists website names and the thumbnail filenames that go with them, or is this something that needs to be entered in the metadata record itself (notes?)? (saving thumbnails in same folder as metadata records)
  • I was looking some more at the metadata template; it looks like we'll need the ability to add more dates and to qualify them (by creation date, last modified date, harvest date, upload date). I only see creation date in the template. (these qualifiers will be added later; for now, use the notes fields for additional dates)
  • Should we be keeping track of the metadata creator?
  • And finally, when I've entered CC metadata, how do I view it in the tool? Do I go to UNT Digital Collections and sort by collection? (it must be uploaded before being viewable on the tool)


from Mark


I think that there are three things that we are trying to accomplish with placing records into the Digital Library System.


  1. Share metadata about the sites in the CC with other institutions through oai and federated searching.
  2. Allow users searching the digital collections of UNT to have the chance of finding CC sites.
  3. Provide a place and a structure to localize the collection of metadata about our digital resources


Things to remember about our system (as it stands July 2006)

  • We have a very simple digital object model.
  • We describe a single "digital object" with a metadata record
    • (so we would be describing everything at the site level)


Things that I would suggest we do for sites in the DLS

  • Add Website to the format and type fields. This will be describing the digital object at a very high level, but for now I think this is the way we will need to go.
  • Don't worry about accounting for all files, filetypes, documents at this time. We are interested in the large object of a website.


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