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Digital Collections Policies

University of North Texas Libraries

Government Documents Department


Starr Hoffman, 08.26.2008

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  1. Reproduction Permissions

Regarding all government documents digital collections:

    1. We cannot grant or deny permission to reproduce these images, as we are not the copyright holders for the original documents.
    2. Many, but not all, government documents are in the public domain. You may check the original and/or digital versions to check for a copyright symbol and author name(s).
    3. If you use a digital image from one of our collections, we request that you credit us as a source by including our institution name and the object’s URL. Please do this regardless of whether you publish the image in print or online. For example:
      1. image
      2. University of North Texas Libraries
      3. http://digital.library.unt.edu/data/govdocs/atoz/02/meta-dc-1806.tkl
  1. Image Printing
    1. (we don't)
  2. Image Master Files
    1. (CD copy? download?)
  3. Removal of Personal/Contact Information

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