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Page history last edited by Starr Hoffman 11 years, 11 months ago

EDHE 6050 - 09.01.2009


  • went over syllabus
  • handout: the misspellings that the human mind can easily read
    • reading is visual, phonetic, and also based on context
  • is education an experiment?
    • yes: experience with project-based learning; seen teaching methods come and go in 10 years
    • yes; we don't want to do the same old thing with the same results
    • no; public education hasn't changed much--it's not just teaching methods
    • no; higher education effectively hasn't changed in a century, despite huge social & technological changes (example: PhD residency requirement)
  • handout: teaching and learning quotes
    • (also see handwritten notes on the handout)
    • the technology of your youth is what you become comfortable with, "fluent" in using
    • many different learning styles
    • younger generation's abillity to multitask; listen to iPod during lecture
    • new trend to issue laptops or e-readers or iPhones as a textbook substitute
    • "teaching naked" research: letting go of technology in the classroom and simply engage with the students
    • PowerPoint can be a harmful tool to teaching (YouTube video on how not to give a PowerPoint)
    • adoption of electronic textbooks is often more about finances (cheaper than print books) than about progressive adoption of technologies
    • communication is complex at best (both giving and receiving ends)
  • writing essay, due in class

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