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EDHE 6050



(3 chapters, plus one handout reading)


Handout Discussion


discussion of whether or not we (as individuals) liked school

-- learning / reading

-- social life (or lack thereof)

-- like or dislike of school organizational / pedagogical structures

-- related to the article we read about "why don't students like school?" (by Daniel T. Willingham)


students tend to get frustrated when they are handed problems that they can't solve


Chapter 9: Neuroscience of Learning (10 in my book)


this chapter is very detailed in biology:

  • p. 374, all key functions of different brain functions
  • p. 389, critical development stages
  • sensory motor skills, audio/visual skills, language: develop different skills at various ages
  • p. 393: how brain is involved in motivation and emotions


Chapter 7: Cognition and Instruction (6 in my book)


  • p. 278, 280; discovery learning: obtaining knowledge for yourself (self-directed; Socratic method, etc.)
  • you're more interested & invested if you have a role in creating or directing your learning
  • meaningful reception learning & expository teaching: putting learning in a meaningful format; context; learning meaningful concepts & principles that the student applies to basic facts & knowledge
  • conditions of learning: (*handout* of same title)
  • learning events, learning hierarchies...  


For next week, consider how a classroom should be structured; should it be:

  • teacher-centered,
  • learning-centered,
  • content-centered,
  • or student-centered?

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