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EDHE 6500

Publishing Symposia

9am - 3pm


for most presentations, see print handouts


APA Formatting for Authors & Presenters

Dr. Casey A. Barrio Minton


(see paper handout)


guides to APA online


(also the quick reference manuals at the library website)


why use APA?

  • professional expectation, credibility
  • gives consistency
  • helps you to organize your document
  • as a writer, helps you to be intentional
  • as a reviewer, points out if someone can attend to detail
  • protects from plagiarism, especially unintentional


Publishing in Higher Education: A Journal Editor's Perspective

Dr. Jan Holden

(see handout)


Dr. Bonita Jacobs

(VP for Student Development)


  • member of practitioner board
  • lobbied to reinstate the journal
  • start-up journal, struggle to find manuscripts; request articles from people with known presentations/papers
  • would encourage people to write and submit things
  • as an editor in this position, more willing to work with and edit something
    • probably a great experience for a new writer without publishing experience
  • many journals are very research-based; look for one that accepts other kinds
  • most of faculty members in the dept. are happy to get second authors to help with their projects (may also ask about looking at your drafts); INQUIRE!


  • from the practitioner viewpoint
  • if you have published, and are looking for a practitioner job (VP, etc.), you will stand out!!!
    • three articles a year
    • impresses faculty on the search committee
  • select interesting topic, do literature review, and do research
    • don't be overwhelmed
  • write an outline


(see handout)

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