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EDHE 6710



Collegial Models

  • discussion of the model, pros and cons


Case Study presentations: Collegial

  • (copies for all of class; also email)
  • (everyone reads the case study, then discusses it & the questions)
  • briefly describes her case, prompts questions and discussion


Historical & Theoretical Overview of Governance (PPT)


Discussion: how would you research what model a particular university was?

Who would you talk to, and how, and what questions would you ask?

Student outcomes is a big part of it, but it's hard to assess.


Challenges in assessment.

Discussion about purposes of assessment, difficulties assessing for various factors, etc.

Different university expectations about and/or goals for students, and how to assess those. 

How to communicate those to the students?

How to measure "learning" vs. "academic achievement?"


Assessing the environment...

Researcher on a campus determining the organizational model.

When change takes place, people react in ways that are visible.

Can we apply what business does to colleges? (open question)


Presidential Resources

How can we best study (assess) the president and successful leadership?

Does it vary according to the model?

Are there some standards across all models?




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