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Page history last edited by Starr Hoffman 11 years, 1 month ago

Variables for matrix of librarian activities in online classes (and spreadsheet codes):

  • (add question about non-library, non-class questions...?)
  • school name = SCHOOL
  • is librarian considered a teaching assistant = TA
  • passive email (responding to student email questions inside the course software) = PIEMAIL
  • active email (making first contact with students by email inside the course software) = AIEMAIL
  • passive email (outside the course software) = PEEMAIL
  • active email (outside the course software) = AEEMAIL
  • introductory email message from librarian (1 active) = INTRO
  • general discussion board = GENBOARD
  • specific library-related discussion board = SPECBOARD
  • phone reference = PHONE
  • answered research/reference questions = REFQ
  • answered technical questions = TECHQ
  • posted or emailed FAQ-type messages = FAQ
  • did librarian provide formal library instruction = LIBINSTRUCT
  • did librarian give students library instruction assignments = LIBASSIGN
  • did the librarian link to (or otherwise integrate) the library catalog into the Learning Management Software (LMS) = LINKCAT
  • did the librarian link to (or otherwise integrate) tutorials into the LMS = LINKTUT
  • did the librarian link to (or otherwise integrate) databases into the LMS = LINKDB
  • did the librarian link to (or otherwise integrate) subject guides into the LMS = LINKSUB
  • did the librarian link to (or otherwise integrate) other library resources (such as citation guides) into the LMS = LINK
  • student response to librarian's presence = STUDRESPONSE
  • faculty response to librarian's presence = FACRESPONSE
  • (other outcomes....?)


Matrix values coded in the spreadsheet:

  • generally, 1 = "present," 2 = "absent"
  • in response/outcomes, 1 = "positive," 0 = "negative," -1 = "no response tallied"

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