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EDHE Courses

Toward my PhD in Higher Education.


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Still to take:

  • EDHE 6530 (Research in Higher Ed)
  • one more stats courses (hoping to take Qualitative Methods)
  • total of 2 courses left to take; 2 Fall 2010 (take qualifying exams in Fall 2010 OR Spring 2011)


Spring 2010

EPSY 6210: Multiple Regression & Related Methods

EDHE 6700: Higher Education in a Democracy


Fall 2009

EDHE 6050: Teaching & Learning Theory

EDHE 6520: Research on Students in Higher Education


Spring 2009

EPSY 6420: Technology in Research

EDHE 6710: General Administration in Higher Education

EDHE 6740: Planning and Systems Administration


Fall 2008

EDHE 6500: Essentials of Academic Publishing

EDHE 6760: Finance in Higher Education

EPSY 6010: Educational Statistics


Spring 2008

EDHE 6510: History of Higher Education

EDHE 6780: Educational Resources

EPSY 6020: Education Research & Methods



Summer 2009


Fall 2009


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