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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

Emerging Technologies Group (ETG)




Mark Phillips

Beth Thomsett-Scott

Shaun Siebel

Pam Johnston

Starr Hoffman (as guest)



discussion of MyAccount Page thingy

Federated Search Discussion

New Business


MyAccount Page

  • presence on my.unt.edu portal
    • what we can do on that portal is limited (primarily to a text box with links)
    • Beth/Will are in regular email communication with the MyUNT people
    • it will be a small amount of space (need to maximize the linkage)
    • possible features:
      • library hours (current)
      • link to library services ("my account")
      • maybe a search box (currently up in the air)
  • started with Beth's interest in a "my library" system
    • that has been translated into this static page with direct links to services (quicker than the usual navigation)
    • took idea from UT's My Account
    • Mark provided a mock-up for UNT
  • open to different title?
    • yes, but should be short & memorable
    • the renew books page is also linked as "my account"
    • was a concern about the similarity, but will likely not be a problem
  • where do we go from here?
    • Beth shows the mock-up to reference
      • gives them a week to comment
    • I show it to GovDocs
    • Shaun shows to RP
    • Beth will put it in the forum/public service/Friday Frags
      • will email link for comments to thread


Federated Search

(not faceted search)


federated search examples

  • Oregon State
    • search box on library homepage
    • at right column, lists # of hits per datastore
    • open source; designed in-house
    • limit by material; options for sorting
    • "find in a library" = link resolver
    • "books & more" = catalog
    • recommends databases based on the search
  • Texas Heritage Online
    • keystone system (also open source)
    • same approach as WebFeat:
      • first results retrieved as the first results displayed
    • "channeled" search
      • results from different datastores never mix
  • Others
    • University of Rochester = Endeavor product
    • Kansas = Endeavor product
    • BYU = WebFeat
      • usually have to authenticate when you use federated search


steps to make decision

  1. decide if we want to...
    1. be innovative and try something different
    2. just have something that works (ultimately, this is the administration's call)
  2. decide: open source vs. buy a product
  3. decide: customize product or not
  4. make recommendation for people on the task


some thoughts

  • WebFeat
    • can only change the header
    • a few CSS options
    • can't really affect layout
  • MetaLib
    • includes SFX link resolver
    • able to change the layout
  • compartmentalized whole-library system
    • makes it difficult to problem-solve on a grand scale
  • Ref. Dept. is concerned about graduates and upperclassmen stuck in lower-level databases
    • need to point out the other options: databases, class/subject guides, catalog
  • need to find out if federated search will be used
    • need feedback
  • needs to be a tool that the Ref. Dept. will buy into, use, and teach to students
  • needs real estate on the website


New Business

  • Shaun asked about possibilites for photo storage
    • they're taking a lot of photos at RP
      • 15 CDs of photos and around 1GB on drive
      • will eventually slow the drive
      • want storage space with access for everyone (not just RP)
    • shared directory is a possibility:
      • space for dept. projects (different depts. working together)
      • LAN can make a space on the H:\ and decide reading/writing rights on a per-user basis
    • need to develop policies for images
      • how long to keep them
      • what size
      • what format
      • currently most as jpg (which is fine)
      • could weed them (this is currently an RP project for G:\)
    • need a place to put photos for Friday Frags
      • Rare Books receptions
      • internal events (parties)
      • don't need all to be public
      • would be great to tag for easy finding
        • Gallery might be a good application to use
        • the photos won't be used if people have to browse the entire drive
      • if photos are to be saved, they need to have metadata
        • doesn't need to be in the DLS
      • Mark will look into it

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