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GovDocs Comics



I'm researching government comics in any form, digital or print--if you know of any, please let me know (geekyartistlibrarian AT gmail.com). I don't know if this will turn into a digital collection, a presentation, or an article, but it combines three of my interests in one. At this point, I'm just gathering information on all the examples I can find, digital and in print. The really rough list of titles appears below; for a nicer-looking and more detailed finding aid, see my GovDoc Comics Finding Aid.


(my heartfelt thanks to those who have donated titles to this list of comics!)


Laura Sare's GovDovs Comics Page

Laura Sare, Documents Librarian, West Texas A&M University




Sprocket Man


Dr. Seuss's malaria publication




Social Security




9/11 Report






Gov Comics at their not-so-best


A - Zap plus more Oddball Comics


The Story Of Checks; Federal Reserve Bank


JFK comic (1961)


Grenada (CIA-produced comic book)


Library of Congress guide to finding comics

American Women: Comic Books

Comic Book Collection


Will Eisner and the "American Visual Corporation" (comic manuals for government)


Supercrat(?), appeared on the inside back covers of State Magazine (S 1.118) during the early to mid 1990s. Don't have any at my library to confirm name. He ever fought Saddam during Gulf War I with pencils and invoices. (thanks to Daniel Cornwall)


Protocol Boy - Appeared on the inside back cover of the one State Magazine we do have - S 1.118:427 (July/August 1999) (thanks to Daniel Cornwall)


From my home state of Alaska we have "The Invisible O" also known as the Sixth Report of the Ombudsman 1980 State of Alaska. The first ten pages of the report chronicle the efforts of heroes such as the Invisible O, Captain Adminstration and Wonder Person against villans such as Cratman, Flackman and Blind Referral. (thanks to Daniel Cornwall)


Fantastic tidal datums / by an obscure physical oceanographer entombed in the Ocean (Tides) and Lake Levels Branch of the Physical Oceanography Division of the Office of Ocean and Earth Sciences of the National Ocean Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce: "Dept. of Commerce?": "Yes, Commerce!" (thanks to John)


While a different version of this comic book was cataloged on OCLC record #19527827, the PDF version available from

http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/publications/fantastic_tidal_datums.pdf is still at large, a fugitive from the FDLP. (thanks to John)


While it may not look very official, this 1988 publication has been cited in other NOAA publications and is included in a list of PDF publications at http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/pub.html (thanks to John)


Sinclair Library's Government Documents Art and Design exhibit features a cover scan of one of my personal favorites,

D 101.22:20-13

Invisible Weapon,

a gorgeous War Department piece promoting the lend-lease programs of World War II. (thanks to infozo)


The Navy Aviation Training Division has a number of documents titled _Something Sense_ that are both funny and well illustrated. Right now, I've got

D 202.2:SH 2

Shark sense

on my desk... and I know what to do if my plane goes down over the ocean and I need to fend off the circling sharks.

(thanks to infozo)


The seventies are always good for a laugh.

HE 20.3002:B 73/2

Discovering yourself in the brain age

is a *very* colorful illustrated piece.

(thanks to infozo)


I'd hate not to mention the Evergreen State College Coloring Books page.

EP 1.2:C 44

A world fit for chipmunks and other living things

holds a special place in my heart. Evergreen makes a scan of this coloring book available online.

(thanks to infozo and Melody Kelly)

at UNT Libraries: EP1.2:C44


Watch out storms ahead! : owlie skywarn

at UNT Libraries: C 55.102:Sk 9/4/983

at UNT Libraries: C 55.102:Sk 9/4/984

at UNT Libraries: C 55.102:Sk 9/4/2004

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


Owlie Skywarn on flash floods.

at UNT Libraries: C 55.102:Sk 9/3/981

at UNT Libraries: C 55.2:F 61/2

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


My Energy Book by Energy Ant

at UNT Libraries: FE1.2:An8

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


Super Me / Super Yo (activity book)

at UNT Libraries: Pr Ex 20.2:Su7

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


A Treasure Hunt (picture book)

at UNT Libraries: HE20.3852:T71

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


Chessie: A Chesapeake Bay Story (coloring book)

at UNT Libraries: I49.2:C42/4

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


Sharon Goes to School (picture book)

at UNT Libraries: TD 8.2:W15/2/story 9

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


Charlie goes to town (coloring/picture book)

at UNT Libraries: EP1.2:C 38/2

at UNT Libraries: EP1.2:C 38/2/SPAN

(thanks to Melody Kelly)


articles about government comics




Mexican guide to migration (?)


general, more

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