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GovDocs Dept. Meeting



future of coin-op copying

  • considering community users
  • could change copy card options (partial refund, etc.)
  • will student IDs act as cards?
  • keep a copycard at desk for patrons who need a single copy
  • maybe keep one coin-op machine, downstairs next to the change machine (less patron walking back and forth)
  • copy office not open enough hours for some issues
  • no coin-ops might mean increased risk for pages missing from books


consumer info pages

  • (see Betty's email)
  • topic areas/arrangement
  • local/state/fed
  • education, transportation, housing


content redesign

  • determine our audience
  • determine what they use our site for
  • should our website reflect our GovDocs collection?
  • website should give info about the services we provide
  • how will we org. subject pages?
    • how related to other library subject pages?
  • we have some documentation already on the G:\ from Bobby's previous meeting with Kristin
  • look at RefStat Q's for more ideas, email Q trends
  • stages of content redesign:
  1. content
  2. sort/arrange info
  3. navigation


subscription issue

  • re-subscribe to LexisNexis Gov. Periodicals?
  • Valerie will make recommendation
  • we will discuss it


withdrawing cataloged items

  • Betty wants to stop marking the shipping list (only mark shelflist)
  • ok; will talk to Andrea/Clarice about it next week



  • friday deadline for SOE
  • problem's (A's) to Betty
  • 8.9.06 1pm, CRS training in dpu
  • 8.16.06, next dept. meeting



  • brainstorm about content; come to a concensus
  1. audience
  2. brainstorm
  3. look
  4. read our content

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