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Los Angeles Flight/Travel Info

11.09.2006 - 11.12.2006


American Airlines

Departing DFW, Terminal C, 4:40pm

Arriving LAX, Terminal 4, 5:55pm

Flight# 739

Duration: 3hr 15mn


American Airlines

Departing LAX 5:50pm, Terminal 4

Arriving DFW 10:40pm, Terminal C

Flight# 2468

Duration: 2hr 50mn


Radisson Wilshire Plaza Hotel



009134 / EA110

11.09.2006 - 11.12.2006


Loose Itinerary

contact information for wedding party (pdf)



arrive, check-in to hotel



bride/bridesmaid activities...?

rehearsal dinner:

Maggiano's Little Italy

189 The Grove Drive, LA

Diane Matalas: 706.240.9148



wedding @ 3pm(?), The Ebell

reception afterward



11:30 post-wedding brunch @ Luna Park

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