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Metadata Meeting Minutes


notes by Nancy Reis

Notes of the Metadata Team Meeting, 7/20/06

Members present:












The minutes of May 11 and June 8 were approved.


Revisiting Work Flow


Nancy brought up some lessons learned from the Texas Soil Survey Project. There was a brief discussion of quality control and efficiency for various types of activities. We will be hiring a new middle manager in the fall who will take charge of developing appropriate work flows. Meanwhile, we should all be thinking about problems we’ve encountered in our projects and possible solutions to those problems.



Metadata Cleanup Activities Update


Daniel presented the following updates:


  • Titles have been cleaned up in the George Ranch (2100+ records) and Fort Bend (2300+ records) collections.


  • Some collections, such as the Fort Bend, have come to us with no digital creation date. Because the digital creation date is required by our schema, Brandon and Daniel will extrapolate an approximate date range to apply to the records.


  • A new collection authority has been added: Miniature Book Collection (MNBC). Other authorities such as additional subject vocabulary for the Cybercemetery and other Docs collections will be added soon.




Brandon is working on a standardized framework that will help us prepare consistent tutorials for metadata entry, scanning, and other training areas as needed. He has put up a Wiki page outlining considerations and showing good and bad examples. (http://digitalprojects.library.unt.edu/wiki/index.php?page=dpd%2FDocumentation%2FFramework) Because the look and navigation in the tutorials will be affected by the library website redesign, we are concentrating on content and appropriate organization.


Metadata Analysis Tool Functionality


The tool is available at http://digitalprojects.library.unt.edu/metadata/.


  • New features: The tool now allows the user to list values by institution or collection. Thanks Mark!


  • Requested features: We would like values in the metadata analysis report for major sub-elements including: original resource creation date, digital creation date, content description, physical description, coverage place name, and coverage time period. Doing this will tend to make the tool more “Portal-centric,” but Mark will work on it.


Metadata Template


Some additions are needed to the metadata template:


  • Languages: Dutch, Hungarian

Hardware: Canon 20D camera, Canon D30 camera, Canon PowerShot S80 camera, Bookeye scanner

Software: Canon EOS Viewer Utility 1.1.0

  • second
  • third


Miniature Books Pilot Project


Nathan discussed metadata for the miniature books pilot project and presented a prototype metadata record. He is seeking suggestions for the best way to prepare individual metadata records for books that are cataloged as a collection in the Libraries’ online catalog. He will be working with the Rare Books staff to refine the metadata as well.


We also confirmed:


  • The schema does allow use of brackets in titles.
  • General material designators such as electronic resource or picture in MARC record titles may be removed from the title in our metadata since the media is specified in the resource type element.
  • The schema supports date ranges. Consult the schema for specific formatting instructions.
  • For object creator e-mail, use the address that will have the greatest longevity.


Next Meeting


Our next meeting will be Thursday, August 24, at 1:00 p.m. Daniel will work with MMDL to schedule our department’s web redesign content meeting for the same afternoon.

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