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Fall NORDOCS Meeting


University of Texas at Arlington Library


THIS IS NOT COMPLETE. IT IS A DRAFT, using the Spring, 2004 minutes as a template, along with Tom Lindsey’s written notes. November 22, 2006


Attendees: TAMU-Commerce: David Rankin; UNT: Valerie Glenn, Starr Hoffman UTD: Brenda Mahar, TCU: Brenda Barnes; UTA: Tom Lindsey; Mark Mustacchio, Treva Lyday, Randal Baker, Sunday Phillips, Troy Black; Navarro College: Susan Humphrey; Texas Tech: Tom Rohrig . [Secretary’s Note: Tarrant County College Northeast Campus has relinquished its participation in the Federal Depository Library Program earlier this year. We miss the presence and participation of Ms. Judie Smith, TCC-NE LRC. ]


The meeting was conducted in the Parlor Room of the UT Arlington Library. Registration and refreshments were made available starting at 9 a.m. The meeting began at 10 a.m., and lasted approximately two hours.



Minutes from the Spring 2006 meeting were approved with corrections. Tom Lindsey and Krystal Schenk were the only representatives of the University of Texas at Arlington at the meeting. David Rankin and Brenda Barnes did not attend the meeting.


Next meeting And Meeting Place

May 3, 2007 was set as the date for the next meeting. A meeting place was not set immediately, but during the meeting, Susan Humphrey offered to host the meeting at Navarro College.



Valerie Glenn became Chair, beginning duties at this meeting. Tom Lindsey served as Secretary of the NORDOCS group. Secretary/Chair-elect. [Ms. Glenn notified all members during the summer or late fall that she would be leaving the University of North Texas at the end of 2006. Tom Lindsey, Chair-Elect for 2007-2008 will serve as Chair of the Spring 2007 meeting].


News From Area Libraries


Texas Tech University - Lubbock


Tom Rohrig sent 4 or 5 disposal lists to the Texas State Library for review. He thinks that the hiring of student assistants will soon help with reviewing lists.

The Texas Tech University Library documents collection is getting very full.


An off-site storage site for the library is not likely to soon occur.


The library has a digitizer that the Dean of Libraries will want to be used continuously, 24 hours, 7 days a week if possible.


Scanning on demand is being offered by the library. Some photocopiers may be replaced with public use scanners. Copyright and fair use issues may be involved in the decision to acquire scanners.


Reports about the Federal Depository Library Conference

[The following website is for an index of the proceedings of the council and copies of the presentations. http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/pubs/proceedings/06fall/index.html ]


Tom Rohrig met with representatives of Texas Selectives during the Federal Depository Library Conference, October 22-25, 2006, Washington, D.C., and at a luncheon meeting of Texas selectives.


He described two programs that he attended at the FDLC meeting:

1. The keynote speaker speech by the Dr. Jose-Maria Griffith, Dean of the Library and Information Science Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


2. Blogging and the Census.


University of North Texas


ÿ Ms. Valerie Glenn spent most of her time at the FDLC Conference attending Council Sessions, but did go to the presentations on GPO Harvesting of information.

Two companies had been awarded contracts by GPO to conduct a pilot project to harvest the Environmental Protection Agency web site. There was a great variation in the quantity of site materials harvested. G.P.O. will do another pilot project.

She also attended the program on Virtual Reference service. The Coordinator of Maryland’s Service described participation by himself, his library, and the other participating libraries.

Jann Swanbeck talked about a Florida program that originated as a survey to provide government information through virtual reference.



University of Texas – Dallas

Ms. Brenda Mahar attended a program about Disasters and Libraries, and the effect of a fire on the Zimmerman Library of the University of New Mexico. This fire was determined to have been caused by arson. It is good to have a disaster plan in place beforehand. The UNM Zimmerman Library had a favorable experience working with Blackman Mooring Steamatic.

She attended sessions on Metadata and the Future of Electronic Reference

She described Dr. Jose-Maria Griffith’s program as inspirational.

GPO will explore a partnership with the National Technical Information Service. A message about the partnership was sent out through FDLP-L list the week of the NORDOCS meeting.


University of Texas - Arlington

Tom Lindsey told about asking a question at Public Printer Bruce James’s session about the status of a new G.P.O. building. It is still in discussion 4 years later. Tom asked if there was a location legal problem, such as a requirement that it be within an x mile radius of the Capitol dome, located in the District of Columbia, or some similar legal restriction. Mr. James said that there wasn’t. The GPO staff had identified 23 possible locations for a building in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Eleven of them were within the District of Columbia. (Valerie Glenn commented that she thinks that a new building will never happen.)

Tom Lindsey attended many sessions and meetings. He spoke about the program which reported on the appearance or non-appearance of the GPO logo in depository library web pages. It is found at less than half of all depository library web pages.


Questions and Answers from the audience:


David Rankin TAMU Commerce:

Q: What is the status of the printing on demand program? A: Nothing really came up during any discussion or conference program, according to attendees.


Library Reports


Texas Tech University (Lubbock)

Tom Rohrig said that the TTU Library is bar-coding periodicals. The project is starting with U.S. Government periodicals. No retrospective cataloging work is happening.

The library will add Deep Freeze software to all public computers. [This is a software product of Faronics http://www.faronics.com which locks down software and prevents unauthorized and/or malicious software from being installed on computers.] [According to Krystal Schenk of UT Arlington, it is installed in UT Arlington library computers.]


University of Texas -- Dallas

Brenda Mahar said that retrospective cataloging of materials is underway. Two library assistants retired on the same day, leaving her short-staffed in Documents.

The library is looking for a Head of Cataloging. Consideration is being given to options such as creating a Lead Cataloger position in place of a Head of Cataloging.





Texas Christian University (Fort Worth)

Brenda Barnes is wearing two hats, Head of Government Documents and Interim Head of Reference. The Head of Reference is out on medical leave, and a decision must be made this month about retirement or return to duty. The position title and level are being evaluated.

The library is advertising for an Assistant or Associate Dean.


T.C.U. students have nicknamed the university “Texas Construction University”. Four dormitory buildings, renovation of the Education Building, and construction of a new chiller plant for the campus HVAC system are in progress. The Education faculty has temporarily moved into the library.


University of Texas at Arlington

Krystal Schenk, Sunday Phillips, Treva Lyday, Mark Mustacchio, Troy Black, Randal Baker, and Tom Lindsey spoke about their projects.

Krystal Schenk said the second move to the Library Collection Deposit building has been completed. Library holding records must be updated.

Sunday Phillips introduced the UTA Staff. Treva Lyday and Krystal are the documents staff. The others serve as members of a Government Documents Task Force, which has been in existence for three years.

Treva Lyday talked about keeping up with the status quo. There was no specific Library Assistant for government documents for the 5 years prior to her assignment.

Mark Mustacchio said that we are making progress in weeding, withdrawing, and cleaning up records about government documents. Peter Zhang, a librarian in the Information Output and Processing Department, ran a program that identified over 20,000 records of pre-2000 date publications with various problems.

Troy Black passed on speaking, but he assists Tom Lindsey upstairs in the Information Services department. He has typed up offers lists, prepared exhibits, and helps answer questions related to government information.

Tom Lindsey [I know that I said something else besides my introductory statement lauding the work of the other people at my library, both for the work they do every day, and for helping prepare for this meeting. But whatever it was, I think that their work is more important to note in these minutes.]


Texas A&M University - Commerce

David Rankin talked about retrospective cataloging work. Work on Department of Defense publication records has been completed. Work is underway on Department of Justice publications.

Marcive™ records have been updated. This action reduced staff workload, and the processing backlog is down to 2 months.

The Government Documents Department will have a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) laboratory. It will have “electronically locked down” computers.

David will make two presentations to the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

[??? My notes are not clear here, writes TKL:] Students not wanting to use, trying to improve ….. .

No other libraries wanted the duplicate Texas topographic maps that David offered through the online offers lists.


Navarro College, Corsicana

Susan Humphrey said that the new library building is open, and 2 other academic buildings are under construction. The Director of Libraries left to take another position.

Books in the general collection are now in classification order; the government documents will now be put into classification order.


University of North Texas

Starr Hoffman spoke about some new additions to UNT Government Information Connection™ digital information collections:

World War II Posters Online

Federal News Maps

Pre-1950 Texas Soil Surveys

Gammel’s Laws of Texas through volume 31 {This goes back to the pre-Texas independence era, and precedes the Vernon’s Texas Code series in use today.)

Texas Register online, 1991- . The library is going to digitize issues back to the first issues of 1976.


Retrospective cataloging of documents beginning with letter A is underway. There are many retrospective cataloging projects going on around the country.

The Library is looking for a Head of Government Documents, and will soon be looking for a Head of Reference and Information Services (a new title). The current incumbent is retiring at the end of the year.




Dr. Gerald Saxon, Dean of Libraries, joined us at this point after completing a regularly scheduled meeting. He knows about government documents from his work as an archivist and historian, and because a son worked at the now closed Environmental Protection Agency Library in Dallas. His son has been recently hired to work at the Dallas Public Library as a Patent Librarian.

The group thanked Dr. Saxon for taking time to greet us, and he departed the meeting.




Agenda item 7. NORDOCS Web site


Question: Do we want to have a web site?


Tom Lindsey: Should it be a repository for minutes, summaries of information?


, UNT: The University of North Texas Library will be redesigning its library web site, and the information currently there will probably not be included in the future.

[ Secretary TKL note: At present, this URL on the UNT Library web site refers to NORDOCS: http://www.library.unt.edu/govinfo/programs/nordocs_2005.pdf ]


Tom Rohrig said that he has used it. It provides recognition for libraries.


Mark Gilman location of library has offered to host it on his web site, said [?].


Discussion: It needs content {nothing in secretary’s notes about who said this]


Tom Lindsey offered to contact the UTA Communication Department faculty about putting a web site together. {Later note: He was thinking that this could be part of a student’s course project.]

Valerie Glenn brought the note book with minutes to the meeting. [Secretary Tom Lindsey has the book in his office in Room 215, UTA Library.]

Valerie is moving to Birmingham, Alabama at the end of the year.


Agenda items: New business


Tom Lindsey UTA talked about maps as a space and storage problem. Two new flat cabinets that will hold about 1,000 sheet maps were acquired in the past year, but they are pretty full already. The library selected all 7.5 minute quadrangle maps for all states from 1982 to mid-summer, 1999, but the profile was changed to select only 13 states. These are Gulf Coast States, states that border Texas, and states of the traditional Southwest (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona). The new series of topographic maps delineating U.S. Forest Service property (Supt. Of Docs. classification number stem I 19.81/2: Cutter/latitude/longitude code) has increased map receipts.

Valerie Glenn UNT said faculty are using digital maps.

David Rankin TAMU-Commerce expressed a hope that library GIS service there becomes the “jump starter” for campus use of GIS services. [David also told the group that he is studying in a doctorate degree program in Secondary and Higher Education.]

Valerie Glenn said that Clarice Luce is still working part time on “modified service”. Cathy Hartman is Assistant Dean for Information Services. UNT will have a content management system. The library hopes to have the new web pages in place by Fall, 2007. Retrospective cataloging is taking place.

Tom Lindsey asked about any library considering or making current use of the Public Documents Masterfile, No one knew of any library.

[Secretary’s Note added after meeting: A representative wb site for information about Paratext Electronic Reference Publishing and Public Documents Masterfile is available at http://www.paratext.com/pdm_intro.htm .]


There being no further business, the meeting concluded, and adjourned for lunch at the UT Arlington Faculty Club. After lunch, tours of the Special Collections area were given by Ms. Anne Hodges of that unit, and Ms. Ramona Holmes led another tour in the new Library Collection Deposit building on campus off South Davis Drive.

Secretary’s Note: Ms. Krystal Schenk told the UT Arlington Documents Task Force at its November 14, 2006 meeting that the NORDOCS web site will be maintained as part of the UT Arlington IOP (Information Output and Processing) unit web site. The site will be created.


Minutes compiled and submitted to NORDOCS members on November 22, 2006 by Thomas K. Lindsey, Secretary.

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