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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 3 months ago

Spring NORDOCS Meeting, 2007


Navarro College Library

Corsicana, Texas


Fall 2007 Meeting

  • will probably be at Ft. Worth Public Library
  • tentatively November 8th, Thursday


officer election: wait until Fall


Area Libraries News / Conference Reports

Tom Rohrig, TX Tech

  • state library has had a lot of renovations
  • Penny Morava is handling disposal lists at Tech
    • been there a year (previously in Circulation)
  • document space recovery committee is looking at options
    • de-duping (dumping duplicates)
      • digitizing paper
      • keeping fiche
    • look at housing with some selectives or Tech Law Library
    • talked about shared depository w/ TSLAC
    • (U of NM in talks about shared depository/regional)
    • Cindy Etkins at GPO suggested extended de-duping
    • looking at non-depositories for space, but may be an issue
    • may get offsite housing at Levelland (middle school)
      • shared computer grid for projects
  • faculty members can be strong advocates to have for championing resources, etc.
    • Bill Suddoth at North Carolina has a lot of storage space; would we be interested in similar?
      • advantages: immediate storage, boxes must be labeled with contents, out of our area sooner
      • copy of disposal list in the box for inventory (still send this list electronically)
      • Tom will send out a survey about this


Tom Lindsay, UTA

  • knows of a few cheap places to stay/eat in Arlington, VA, for ALA
    • Roslin Stop, Clarendon, Highlander Motor Inn, La Casta Verde
  • FDLP spring notes/info now posted on the FDLP Desktop website
  • Benton Harbor Public Library (MI)
    • this year's depository library of the year winner
    • @ FDLP, talked about mining community resources
    • try to answer every reference question with a gov doc (Tom wants to start doing this at his library)
    • Benton Harbor = large percentage of population is minority/poverty
    • $17,000 total acquisitions budget for all library
    • 16 staff, 3 MLS
    • studied their community to determine their needs (see handout from this presentation on FDLP website)
  • William H. Turri now acting Public Printer
  • change in assessment practices
  • general move toward more library CMS (content management system) websites
  • FDLP program: Care and Weeding of a Collection (Utah)
    • 5% of the collection; undergoing renovations
    • moving late 1800's docs to special collections
  • UTA taken out 1,000 shelves (10 ranges) in last 10 years
  • alot of weeding; superceded list = use keep current year/pdf; looks good on stats list


David Rankin, TX A&M Commerce

  • TX Bureau of Prisons will pick up boxes of books , and inmates will recycle the materials
  • have new library director
  • wants David to weed 20-30% of the collection
  • very large, old collection = huge project (70% depository)
  • can you drop print and/or fiche in favor of electronic-only? (when same content)
    • Tom Rohrig will find this out
    • U of AZ has done a lot of this
  • consortium with UNT / TWU --would love to talk about it
  • Phoenix meeting in DFW (formerly AHE, Alliance for Higher Education); May 30th, sending several people
  • interested in possible partnership with UNT on the A-Z stuff; own a lot of older Agri documents
  • MARCIVE list of records - David R. checks in stacks what format they have items in (de-dup at that point)
    • UNT has an auto-report as we receive records (generated by Tech Services in iii) -- for de-dups
    • Andrea/Betty update links in records and un-suppress records
    • UNT doesn't have item records created automatically (student does this)
    • we may need to look at changing that


Susan Humphrey, Navarro College

  • county trustees helped her library move last year
  • new director, wants to go as electronic as possible
  • US Codes/Statutes moving to GovDocs from Law Library
  • federal reporter 1/2/3 = need to find a home
  • acts as the community law library
  • 5 staff for library: director, 2 MLS, 2 paraprofessionals, 1 part-timer for evening hours
  • open 7:30a - 11p (weekdays) and Sundays 5-8p
  • discussion about cafes in libraries
  • director wants her to travel more
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic has legal materials
    • she heard that as of July, shepardizing for all states


Clarice Luce & Starr Hoffman, UNT

  • problem with faculty requiring "only non-electronic resources" when many of our articles are delivered only electronically
    • need to better educate faculty about this
  • report on new GovDocs Head starting in August, Suzanne Sears of Tulsa City-County Public Library
  • A-Z Digitization project (retro cataloging project now digitizes all pre-1960 documents)


Susan Black, Longview Public Library

  • backlog, 27 boxes weeded (LaTourneau)
  • she's a new documents librarian
  • may attend Interagency Seminar this summer (Starr is going either this summer or next)
  • 30% depository

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