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The Brockmeier/Speth/Schmelzle Online Family Archive

Final Presentation

Starr Hoffman




my grandparents, Betty (Schmelzle) and Brock Brockmeier, on their wedding day, June 7, 1942


Intro to Brockmeier/Speth/Schmelzle Archive

This is an archive of my paternal ancestors. (My grandmother is a Schmelzle, my grandfather is a Brockmeier, and his mother was a Speth.) I plan to present this archive at my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary celebration this summer, which will also be a family reunion held in Denver, Colorado. I have also provided additional surnames for additional family collections, so that I may archive materials belonging to my mother's family (Elsesser) and my husband's family (Hoffman, Burnham).


Sample Records

A Family Tree: Ancestors of William Roy \"Bill\" Brockmeier

  • URL
  • family tree; guide to people depicted in the collection
  • metadata element examples:
    • Subject.FamilyBranch
    • Generation.Participant
      • convenient; don't have to add each person's name to the Subject.Participant list

Brock's Air Crew for \"The Thunder Mug\"

  • Subject.Participant

Antique Treadle Sewing Machine

  • example of a physical object
    • Artifact.Dimensions
    • Type
    • Media
      • "sewing machines" versus "color photograph"

Blue Crazy Quilt

  • example of compound object
  • Creator vs. Contributor

Fred Speth and His Blacksmithy

Betty in a Refigerator

  • Anecdote
  • Anecdote.Source

Brock Playing Organ

  • Generation.Participant vs. Generation.Creator

Maple Box With Drawer

  • Anecdote
  • Creator vs. Contributor
  • Coverage.Spatial
  • different uses for date-related fields
    • tree's lifespan
    • date of box
  • Media

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