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PAC Schedule 2006-07


Schedule for librarians beginning contract year September 1 (includes librarians hired June 1 - August 31).



Librarian begins first academic year and does a performance agreement.



Supervisor does review based on the primary assignment and the Librarian forwards the review to the PAC no later than April 15th.

The PAC reviews documentation of primary assignment and completes the review, returning the documentation, review and recommendation to the Librarian by the first working day in May.



The Librarian returns the review to the PAC within 5 working days. The PAC then forwards the review to the Dean of Libraries by May 15th.



The Librarian is notified in writing of the Dean of Libraries' decision.



The following September begins second academic year. A performance agreement is done and a performance review of the first academic year is conducted.


Second Academic Year

The Annual performance review of the second academic year of employment follows the regular Annual Performance Review Calendar and procedures. The PAC reviews documentation and makes its recommendation to the Dean of Libraries. Librarian must be notified of non-reappointment or promotion recommendation by December 15.

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