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Page history last edited by Starr Hoffman 7 years, 11 months ago
presentation publication collaborator output location ?
presentation/publishing 101 for academic librarians brainstorming no  maybe a "how to do it"? brainstorming; (LITA Guide?) ? appropriate journal...?  
EPortfolios and Managing an Effective Online Presence proposed April 12th; notification by late May  no  WORKSHOP proposal no (LITA Guide?) Maybe ask Susanne Markgren about shopping this to ACRL at ALA 2016?  DUE APRIL 24

Internet Librarian International (proposing)


Scholarly Communication / new methods of Research Support now editing book on topic for Facet Publishing no  Internet Librarian 2013 now an edited book for Facet  (various chapter authors)  Internet Librarian International & Facet Publishing

Mentoring Toward Diverse Leaders in Academic Libraries

from dissertation (theory not research); book chapter published no no -- should propose RESEARCH preso for ASHE 2015 book chapter in Leadership in Academic Libraries Today: Connecting Theory to Practice none book chapter  
The Educational Attainment/Preparation of Academic Library Deans (from diss)
writing first draft; need to perform additional stat. analyses no (?) yes...? submit article in early spring 2013  none plan to submit to College & Research Libraries   
The Professional Preparation of Academic Library Deans (from dissertation)
will begin drafting after "Education" article is complete possibly  yes...
consider what journal...  none unknown / ASHE 2015 (proposing)  
Lit Review (from dissertation) drafting from dissertation no  no  consider what journal... none What about Journal of Academic Librarianship OR Administration  
The Value of the PhD for Academic Librarians editing for publication no yes will contact Dan from ASHE about publishing Annie Downey -- does she or I have a COPY of this? SHOULD PUBLISH! ASHE 2009  
The Educational Background of Academic Library Deans

turned into dissertation (complete)

accepted at ALA Annual 2010 



accepted at QQML 2010 transformed into dissertation topic Annie Downey 

QQML, ALA Annual,

E-portfolios: The What, Why, and How … It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

brainstorming article(s)--2 per author

--Lilly - workshops

--Starr - how-to (TLA? ALA? pro dev journal?)

--together - online presence

PODCAST preso?

none Phoenix Staff Dev day & NTRLS conference think about TLA or other Journal Lilly Ramin Phoenix Library group meeting; North Texas Regional Library Group Conference  
Networking & Getting Involved in a Professional Org. composing none Career Dev. Group, UNT Libraries, June 9, 2011 ? none ?  
Library Space Observation Study: 1) process (all of us), 2) aggregate results (all), 3) govdocs results research complete; performing statistical analyses
? ? ? Annie Downey, Cindy Batman, Kim Stanton, Erin O'Toole ?  
Benchmarking the Activities of Academic Librarians Embedded Online complete
accepted at ALA Annual 2010 accepted at QQML 2010
Library Management (in press) none 

QQML, ALA Annual

Beyond the avatar: Best practices for dynamic experiences as librarians assisting online courses complete
no presented at Texas Library Association Annual Conference, 2010
June 2010, Public Services Quarterly
Lilly Ramin TXLA Annual Conference 2010, PSQ
Defining the Role of Academic Librarians Embedded in Online Courses complete
? ? ? Lilly Ramin article in Public Services  
Encouraging an Informed Citizenry: Locating and Using CRS Reports brainstorming article draft (stalled) no yes (2) need to find appropriate journal 1st: Bill Sleeman; 2nd: none Fall DLC 2007; Fall DLC 2008  
Preserving Access to Government Websites: Development & Practice in the CyberCemetery edit for Library Hi-Tech news  no yes (2) Library Hi-Tech news requested as story... need to edit and submit
none August 2008 IFLA; Fall 2008 preso for CRS at Library of Congress  
Connectivism as a Theoretical Framework for Information Literacy brainstorming; need to read info lit sources; re-work existing Connectivism paper accordingly ?


...conference on distance ed., info literacy, educational technologies?

should look into Journal of Distance Librarianship, among others (outside library field) (Tihleigh?) ?  

Getting Back to the “Public Good” in Public Colleges & Universities: the Key Role of Academic Libraries

will propose for DLC 2010
will submit to GIQ, HE journal, academic library journal


http://www.nsee.org Experiential Education

http://jlsc-pub.org/jlsc/cfp.html Journal of scholarly communication

NYLA Dev Workshop Proposals: http://www.nyla.org/max/4DCGI/cms/review.html?Action=CMS_Document&DocID=711&MenuKey=career 




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