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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

UNT-L Publications Workgroup

Meeting Minutes




  • Ellen Truax
  • Jean Harden
  • Frances May (not present)
  • Michelle Mears
  • Shaun Seibel
  • Nancy Viens
  • Beth Avery, co-chair
  • Starr Hoffman, co-chair


New Business


Workgroup Charter

  • needs to be rewritten
    • Beth will do this



  • spring edition needs to be written
  • newsletter distribution needs to be evaluated
    • ask LAN for the number of hits on past newsletter pages
      • Shaun will ask LAN about this
    • length has been an issue (16 - 20 pages)
    • Friday Frags style? (headlines with teasers, linked to full stories)
    • still a question of distribution
      • is it being read?
      • is it findable?
    • intended audience = faculty
      • much of the content seems too long or not oriented toward faculty
    • reevaluate our objectives for the newsletter
      • perhaps audience should be faculty, staff, and administration?


Faculty Guide

  • we'll evaluate this next year (2009)


Staff Handbook

  • most recent copy is 2000
  • copy on the shared staff directory
  • now also available through the start menu (LAN added this week)
  • would be nice to have a glossary of terms; helpful for new staff
    • "purchase" vs. "supply," etc.
  • shouldn't be duplicating university-wide policy, but should point to it (less updating needed)
  • could now live on the wiki
    • easier to find
    • easier to update
  • should be used as a new employee training manual
  • distinguish between department and library rules/policies, and laws, etc.
  • Michelle, Susan Paz, and Beth will work on the handbook


Style Guide

  • Web Content Group formed a subcommittee:
    • Web Content Style Guide Group
  • they're interested in a co-meeting with us to make these decisions
    • also, Shaun and Michelle are on that sub-committee and will represent us if needed
  • provide general guidelines for spellings, etc.


Action Items

  • Beth will re-write workgroup charter
  • Shaun will ask LAN for the number of hits on the past newsletter pages
  • Michelle, Susan Paz, and Beth will evaluate the staff handbook
  • next meeting, perhaps: meet with Web Content Style Guide Subcommittee
  • put the webpage login under the start-up menu? ask MMDL about this

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