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SLIS 5715.002

Week 10


Usability Assignment: due 11.14.2006

check reading assignments

take a look: http://www.academiccommons.org/imagereport


  • announcements
  • article presentations
  • my catch-up:
  • metadata report
  • blog presentation
  • about final presentations
    • scheduled for 12.5 and 12.12; if we finish by 12.5 then we'll be done
    • class party
    • don't forget to export all the metadata and files
  • usability assignment
    • report findings on 11.14
    • send partner 3-5 search tasks (by 11.7)
    • things to find in your collection
      • all pieces by a certain composer
      • all oils vs. watercolors
      • all paintings
      • broad, realistic searches
    • send results by 11.14
    • look for:
      • are fields indexed correctly
      • are unique aspects of collection easily defined?
      • any spelling errors, etc.
    • Elise will send some sample questions and your partner's name/email
  • 3-D survey

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