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SLIS 5715.002

Advanced Digital Image Management

Fall 2006


Article List, tentative

Final Project, in progress

software: contentDM

* how to change metadata fields in contentDM

Weekly Class Notes

* Week 2

* Week 3

* Week 4 (coming soon)

* Week 5

* Week 6 (coming soon)

* Week 7

* Week 8

* Week 9 (absent; attending conference)


First Day of Class


email about ALA/TLA form



  • subscribe to digital imaging blog (or wiki / list-serv) start 9/5
    • prepare presentation
    • don't need powerpoint or report (brief discussion)
  • readings (discuss in class each session)
  • check professional memberships
    • need to join ALA / GODORT
  • article reviews
  • individual digital libraries
    • 50 records
    • copyright will be an issue (start soon)
    • email elise about 10/24 (can it be taped?)


collection ideas

  • Brockmeier history
    • photos, letters, memoirs
    • OCR text and present as transcription (plus full-text search?)
    • include family tree?
    • ask Aunt Carol & Grandma about any other family docs
    • maybe an art piece by Aunt Carol
    • ask Dad about the Indian painting, his own paintings
  • govdocs & art
  • tutorials (step-by-step with illustrations)
  • comics
    • webcomics...
    • older, out-of-copyright comics (digitize)
    • ask Unshelved guys about a mini-collection
  • examples and past class projects
  • compound object (relationships--letters, books, etc.)


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