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TLA 2009 Conference Programming Committee

Oct 23, 2007 Meeting

DPL North Branch, 1:30 - 3:30pm

(first meeting)




Conference Theme

  • Creating Communities of Ideals and Innovations
  • theme graphic inspiration:
    • retro big-letter postcards (posted to the wiki)
    • won't be including the year in the graphic, so that themed merchandise will be timeless/reusable
  • existing ideas:
    • bringing museum/archivist communities into the conference
    • a day of programming will feature speakers from those communities
    • share common themes: marketing, budget, etc.
    • "bring your IT person to this day of the conference"
    • "bring your vendor"
  • goals and aspirations for this conference? what do you want that you haven't seen?
    • marketing and outreach, including graphics (input from people that aren't necessarily librarians)
    • open source software
    • cheap technology for your library
    • how to implement Library 2.0 in your library
    • is your OPAC passe?
    • how to keep up when things are changing so fast
    • how to write a manual/workflow/policies? basic class of how to start your library and how to automate it, etc.
    • know about gangs (populations you serve, your community)
    • outsourced public libraries
    • redefinition of literacy (see most recent American Libraries issue, October 2007)
    • help for school librarians (basic course)
    • promote TLA conference to new school librarians who don't know about it--reach out to school administrators to get them to send their librarians-- "No School Library Left Behind"
    • making the union of new and established librarians a happy marriage
  • ideas -- big picture
    • promoting skills and needs
    • need to look at program tracks
    • limit themes to particular days for those who can only attend one day


Program Committee Responsibilities

  • (handouts from Pat with TLA)
  • responsible for the content of the conference
  • a vision for the future and best practices for the present
  • 18 months to put the program together
    • meet monthly
  • each person will plan one or two programs
  • will serve as a liaison to one or two units of the association
    • give them ideas, technical assistance, etc.
    • give thought to the groups you'd like to work with (list being handed out)
    • liaison relationship isn't a time-consuming one
    • good to meet with the group at TLA 2008 conference
  • when does this group want to meet at hte 2008 conference?
  • subcommittee (list handed out)
    • next meeting, we'll discuss which ones you'd want to work on


tips and thoughts for this committee?

  • question: if you have another position that will take your time at assembly or conference? how can you work around that?
    • as a team, we work together--there are times when you'll get pulled away, but your colleagues will jump in and help you
    • it might be good to act as liaison to groups that are already pulling you away--does double-duty
    • we'll plan meetings at late night or early morning to avoid conflicts
  • in May 2007, the chair of TASA, CRT, ART started talking about programming speakers, flesh out what the youth program looked like for the 2008 conference
    • staggering programming for best access
    • great relationships established through this
    • worked out schedule on butcher paper
    • first time that the programming committee had representatives there
    • set up a blog and had communications between meetings
    • want to be sure session choices are planned cooperatively
    • want a content-rich, collaborative conference
  • fourth or fifth time with this conference planning
    • we represent others in our specific fields: feel them out and see what types of things they would like to see in TLA conference
    • talk to those people and ask what they would like to see
    • place emphasis on content, not authors


TLA conference wiki

  • http://tlacpc.library.unt.edu/index.php5/2009_TLA_Conference_Planning_Committee
  • begin to throw out ideas and get assignments: create a spot on the wiki for each person
  • everyone will know where you are, what you're dealing with
  • we can help bridge people together so that money goes further than it normally would (share speakers, a panel, etc.)
  • keep track of it on the wiki
  • gives other committee participants a chance to view and respond to ideas on wiki
  • TLA office will be able to keep tabs on where we're headed
  • first initial for your name and last name, capitalized (username)
    • pwd should have come through email, 3 or 4 days ago -- not in the Wimba instructions
    • if don't have this pwd through email, contact Dreanna for help--she's re-emailing this out to everyone


keep current to spark new ideas and hot topics

  • watch PBS, morning shows, news, outside of our normal professional literature to new areas/fields
  • get a sense for the bigger picture
  • can get good ideas for speakers outside the field, etc.
  • ideas about future meetings
    • Tuesdays okay/not ok? maybe 2pm Tuesdays
    • on the wiki, will have a vote for which Tuesdays of the month, and morning vs. 2pm


Conference Themes Statement

  • will post to wiki for comments


Volunteers for Minutes

  • Diane Wahl took minutes today
  • can rotate minutes btwn people physically present
  • or have one volunteer for a reduction in other assignments
  • critical to track brainstorming ideas so they aren't lost or not acted upon
  • how to turn minutes into a spreadsheet or otherwise trackable document
    • will post minutes to wiki so that they are centrally located and easy to edit/find
  • Mary Ann will be taking minutes


General Session Speakers

  • what do we ideally want in General Session? I and II, then closing luncheon
    • take five minutes to think and chat about speaker ideas
  • discussion of various ideas...
    • Lilly, Annie and I discussed:
      • not an author or journalist
      • not another "why I love libraries/librarians"
      • fit with the theme of the innovation/ideas in the conference
      • want a thinker, visionary
      • want to learn something
      • someone outside of libraries with a unique viewpoint on library services or someone inside libraries with practical advice/ideas
      • literacy studies, gaming in libraries, education, media studies, digital content, citation machine
    • other group ideas discussed (see minutes)
  • we'll continue to brainstorm general session speakers
    • need to think about: who are the hot speakers going to other conferences that we don't necessarily go to, but would like a relationship with?
    • Educause, Gaming in Libraries, Internet Librarian, etc.
    • tie into theme of creating communities, ideas and innovation
    • keep in mind that the general session needs broad appeal, so that many people will attend

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