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Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 8 months ago

January 2009 To-Do


UNT Website Updates

  • post copyright policy on the Gov Docs policy page
    • link from digital collections pages
  • post WWII FAQ somewhere and link on WWII page(s)
  • more info about Serial Set Inventory
  • new graphics on button website



  • bookcase display photos (and think of new display idea for Feb/March)
  • 2nd floor display photos
  • 3rd floor display photos


Inaugural Party

  • buttons: design, deliver to Sue, Shaun (Kristin is delivering to Ellen and CyberCafe)
  • flier: design, email, print, email to Ellen, Sue, Shaun
  • large poster: design, email to Jeremy, Ellen, Sue, Shaun
  • bookmark: design, print, send copies to Sue, Shaun
  • (we also need a student to man our desk, or else close it)


GODORT website

  • format meeting minutes
    • post to website and wiki
  • double-check directory links (see email fwded from Bill)
  • check the "first/second nav" stuff
  • other...



  • Annie about article
  • Shaun: library photos, DOE info
  • library staff: DOE info


More Professional Development

  • org. stuff for PAC
  • TLA website updates


Dept. Meeting 1/13/2009


  • our desk is closed
  • it's a holiday this year (I will be working to earn comp hours)


Website Usability

  • first to-do: get 10 tasks and send those to Kristin
    • then market
  • Gov Docs Website usability study
    • determine our audiences (students, depository librarians, community, etc.)
    • what type of info are they looking for, what are they struggling to find?
    • any usual questions or problems that come up would be a good place to start
    • how do we reach community users? (physically or in person?)
    • maybe hold at Discovery Park (or DPL location--ask Siam Brennan about North Branch) so that parking is easier?
      • confusion about CRS is a common one
      • also confusion about Serial Set Inventory's purpose
  • figure out how to recruit participants
  • test with audience--also virtual testing for our depository librarian users
  • MMDL will recruit and test, and also report it
  • 10 tasks for testing users
    • the types of things they would come to the website to do (hours, materials, etc.)
    • make sure there aren't any leading questions
    • "what are government documents"
    • "where is the government documents department?"
    • "how do i contact someone in the government documents department?" (either service desk or the staff contact info)
    • questions about looking for digital collections
    • "how do i find government documents on the shelf?" (finding the right call number section)
    • at least one task on legal stuff
  • want 8-10 participants per group (5 minimum)
  • MMDL will do a demographic debriefing survey at the end, as well
  • are we providing incentives--if so, what?
    • don't need incentives for depository librarians
    • maybe the CyberCafe coupons/giftcards
    • maybe the set of the three albino squirrel buttons

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