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Top Movie Scenes

  • Naomi Watt's audition scene in "Mulholland Drive" (for acting skill)
  • "Empire Strikes Back:" lightsaber duel between Luke & Vader (for aesthetics)
  • "Fellowship of the Ring:" scene when the hobbits get off the road and the Nazgul crouches over them (for mood & use of bass)
  • "Pride & Prejudice:" dawn opening scene, swing scene when seasons change (music, mood, aesthetics)
  • "Sixth Sense:" scene at the restaurant where the dialogue means the opposite of what you think initially (for acting, script, use of the color red)


Top TV Scenes

  • "Firefly: Ariel:" at the end, Mal and Jayne discuss Jayne's potential to be a traitor (for acting skill/surprising character depth)

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