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Wikis for Software Development

(notes for wiki orientation/instruction)



Feature Wishlist

  • email-notification (or RSS feed) for wiki updates
    • digest format (one email per day listing all changes)
  • automatic signature of changes with log-in
  • keep track of all changes
  • enable easy viewing of recent changes
  • sidebar (for easier navigation to main pages)
  • pdf or other easy-printing format (auto)
  • calendar
  • spam protection


Good For...

  • documentation
    • editing by whole group
    • quick editing (one-click page creation; faster than creating/opening an office document)
    • all documentation in one location
      • one location means it's easier to determine the most current version (instead of multiple files floating around via email or on network drives)
    • simple to use
      • quick upload for files and images
      • simple formatting = quick way to add hyperlinks
      • can also use WYSIWYG
  • discussion/questions
    • entire group can see answers, to clarify issues
    • easier to find than saving email messages
    • old questions or comments can use strike-out font (still have record of question, but shows that it has been answered)
  • separate areas for different divisions
    • entire company can access documentation (view big picture)
    • organizing by division follows natural division of company
    • certain sensitive-information areas can be password-protected, if desired
  • specific projects
    • easy to track progress of a project through added pages and the editing record
    • central location for project information
    • central location for project updates and discussion
    • easier to backup regularly than a forum or specific email messages
    • good place to organize meeting agenda and notes
    • can add calendar with deadlines and meeting dates


Templates to create:

  • release notes
  • meeting minutes
  • informational/instructional



  • locks pages during edit

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