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Page history last edited by Starr Hoffman 9 years, 12 months ago

New 2010 LexisNexis Academic Interface


Six Different Search Widgets (boxes)

  • news, legal case, company info, countries, people, and combined search
  • designed to be easy, top-level searching (not in-depth)
  • limited to 3,000 search results; it will retrieve up to 1,000 documents in certain products


"Search the News"

  • default: natural language searching (an implied "and" like Google)
  • search by source type
  • or by source title (name of newspaper, etc.)
    • as you type, the system searches for that word in various titles (live search results)
    • searches in all areas of title (not just titles that begin with that word)
  • in results screen, on the left there are facets to narrow results by sources, subjects, etc.
  • while in a document: # of hits (at bottom right) = number of times the search term is listed in the document (you can jump to search terms using the arrows)


"Look Up a Legal Case"

  • case summary at the beginning of the case document
  • case law goes back to the beginning of that court, that jurisdiction (all cases)
  • search by citation
    • (see the 333 N.W.2d 67 opinion that is a poem!)
  • by parties
    • you don't need to know both party names or to know their order
    • short party name of court may not include all parties; search includes all party names (even if not included in case title)
    • landmark cases like Roe v. Wade may be hard to find/distinguish; edit on left-hand menu of top interface page: US Legal: Landmark Cases
      • not a list of all Supreme Court cases; simply landmark cases
  • by topic
    • "free speech and first amendment"
    • LN Headnotes: lists the various legal issues/topics that are relevant to the case (this is the part of the document in which "topic" searches for keywords)
      • arrow by each headnote, takes you to the portion of the case that deals with that topic (click the "HN" citation to get back to the Headnotes section)
  • for the old-style limiting by federal & state cases, statutes & codes, etc. see the left-hand blue box "US Legal"(below)


"Get Company Info"

  • searches Company Dossier
    • covers over 50 million companies, public and private
  • also brings back: legal, financial, corporate structure information, and news on that company
  • search by name of company or ticker symbol
    • parent/subsidiaries are hyperlinked to company info pages
    • can download tables to Excel spreadsheets
    • also at far right: "older data" (up to six years total financial info)
    • legal: US & foreign case law


Left-Hand Navigation (blue boxes)



  • all news
    • by type, by source name
    • can limit search to small portion of newspaper (editorials, reviews, etc.)
    • can search news transcripts by one or several networks
    • foreign language news (by all non-English, or by specific language)
      • search terms need to be in that language (no translation)
    • can also search college/university newspapers


US Legal 

  • can limit by federal & state cases, statutes & codes, etc.
  • "all states highest courts" = not all states call their highest court "supreme court"
  • new: states statutes & codes = laws are codifed (grouped by subject matter, such as divorce law)
    • select "state," "statutory code," then "browse"
    • go to "Texas Family Code;" click on plus sign
    • open "Title 1: Marriage Relationship;" ...drill down until you get to "dissolution of marriage"
  • includes secondary sources that interpret that statute (or that cite other statutes or cases)
  • law reviews: (same as law journals)
    • can mix & match topics here


Subject Areas (new content!)

  • can search specific sources for environmental studies
  • health & medical now has its own search form
  • government & politics: Executive Orders, Presidential Papers, White House Bulletin, etc.
    • Executive Orders: example, "obama & stem cell" (terms & connectors instead of natural language)



  • three separate products:
    • Company Dossier:
      • sources are cited beneath each separate section (linked to the full-text source)
    • Dossier Create a Company List
    • Dossier Compare Companies



  • Browse Sources
    • can browse all LexisNexis sources by state, etc.
  • Find Sources
    • lets you find a particular publication (on any topic) using keyword, to easily see if LexisNexis covers that source

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