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For quals review material, see "quals2011."


Weekly Schedule

  • Monday, March 21          read all questions; outline answers briefly; gather all articles/resources
  • Tuesday, March 22          tackle question A (history/philosophy)
  • Wednesday, March 23     tackle question B (administrative; 3 parts, 6-8 pages each)
    • four critical issues challenging the leadership & management of HE
    • philosophical & economic rationale for INCREASED public financial support of HE, & strategies to enhance financial stability
    • strategic planning for dean of academic department
  • Thursday, March 24        tackle question C (research critique, research design -- 2 parts)
  • Friday, March 25             tackle question #4 (minor question); work on unfinished parts (like A)
  • Saturday, March 26         formatting, APA citations
  • Sunday, March 27           final edits
  • Monday, March 28          day off work: clean house, treat self to movie/dinner


Daily Schedule

  • morning:
    • get up & eat breakfast at 7am
    • work out
    • shower, get dressed
    • start writing at 9am each day
  • noon: take a break between 12 and 1pm
    • eat lunch 
    • walk around the neighborhood -- absorb the quiet and sunshine
  • afternoon: start again at 1pm
    • snack lightly during afternoon / evening
  • evening: when to stop? specific time?
    • read something to cleanse the mental palate -- light non-fiction?
    • work on citations & formatting in the evening for 1-2 hours
    • read / knit / watch TV
    • go to bed at 11pm


Ideal Environment

  • in library downstairs
  • large desk/table to spread out papers & books on
  • adjustable, comfortable office chair 
  • food available:
    • comfort food (chicken nuggets, salsa, chips, fiber-y-pretzels, fruit, etc.) 
    • unsalted nuts (pecans, cashews, walnuts, almonds)
    • chocolate: small Dove dark chocolate bites
    • mint chocolate chip ice cream as reward in evening
    • breakfast: Special K fruit/yogurt + regular Special K, light vanilla soy milk, greek yogurt, and coffee or chai 
    • have some produce on hand: oranges, maybe apples (cut into slices), avacado, celery
    • coffee, creamer, tea, diet Coke with lime, water bottles 
  • iPod playlists
    • have soft instrumental study music for writing
    • have driving "movement" music for research, hunting, thinking about topics

Setting a Week Aside

  • will take the entire week of quals off of work (will prepare at work beforehand for this)
  • let family, friends, & coworkers know about this well in advance
    • especially let them know I will NOT be answering calls or emails until the week is over
  • I will not:
    • pay any bills
    • talk on the phone (will only answer Alex) -- maybe provide for a "text '911'" emergency code
    • cook any meals
    • wash any dishes or laundry
    • do any other housework
    • answer any email (personal or work)
    • log onto Facebook, blog, etc.
    • do any work activities
    • do any homework

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