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Page history last edited by Starr Hoffman 9 years, 2 months ago

GOBI training, 04.26.2011

Lilly's notes contain screenshots; look for them in Sharepoint


  • notifications in GOBI
    • we'll be tweaking notifications so that we get better, smaller, more relevant notifications sent to faculty (or in my case, to me)
  • Weekly Fund Report (H:/)
  • Aquisitions representative will email you every week 
  • next year will be firmer deadlines; spend $ or you lose it
  • all of this will be outlined in the new collection development policy
  • as of TODAY: all (book/monograph) ordering will be done electronically through GOBI (unless they aren't listed in GOBI)
  • single-volume electronic titles (netLibrary; more by end of summer) can be ordered thru GOBI



  • click "Notifications" tab
  • select your name/account, and "select cart"
  • menu at left: "ADD"
  • select specific LC classification numbers
  • also check "interdisciplinary studies"
  • go into last year's New Acquisitions List (on library website under Technical Services page)
    • you can view LC classes here
  • choose delivery frequency, delivery format
  • you may have to set up a second identity to use with GOBI Alerts (contact Kathryn Loafman by email to add a faculty member or other name)
  • hit "save and schedule" on the left-hand menu


Ordering with GOBI

  • can search using the top search bar
  • however, if a search brings up a lot of different titles, DON'T go to Advanced Search, but go to Standard Search to enter title/author
  • might want to just search US/UK and leave out not-yet-published titles
  • date range: probably want to limit to the current year (2010-2011) to limit titles
    • "in stock" is great!
    • "orders accepted" means that it's not in the YBP warehouse, but still available/selectable
    • "out of print, sourced to an out-of-print supplier;" you can select that, too; but use "library note add" and let the tech services rep know the max you want to pay for it
    • "import only," you can select
  • select "alternate editions" to check for paperback or ebook
    • for an ebook, select either multiple user or single user (if only one faculty member wants it)
  • we need to consider ebooks a priority 
  • everything you selected and want to order go into your Select Cart
  • go back into your Select Cart (tells total # of items selected)
    • you can change your preferences so that items remain or disappear from your Select Cart after ordering
    • if you search for an already-ordered item, it will show up in the search marked "selected"
    • you can filter your Select Cart in various ways: "green lights only" (things you have selected but not ordered)
    • at left: "enter order details"
    • can create a template to fill in fund, firm order, and initials
    • if no template, fill out SUBACCOUNT (firm orders 5404) and FUND CODE
    • hit "save"
  • hit "submit all green lights"
  • you need to contact your ordering representative to let them know you've submitted orders
    • if you made a mistake, email them and let them know "i accidentally ordered X Title"
    • if no mistake, just email them--hit "mark all and send"


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