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Page history last edited by Starr Hoffman 8 years, 9 months ago

8 - 10am          get dressed, breakfast

10-10:30am      NPR news

10:30-11am      Weekly Rotation: brainstorm blog drafts, pay bills, travel writing, photo editing/posting

11-2pm            dissertation research, drafting, academic articles, conference opportunities

2-3pm              lunch break (websites, social media, professional e-mail)

3-6/7pm           creative writing, research/reading for that purpose, some drawing (audiobooks? NPR music?)

7-8pm              dinner, workout

evening            personal email, Skype calls, movies/TV with Alex, Russian lessons, etc.

(bills once a week, email daily, schedule calls)


Skype call rotation

  • Hoffmans
  • Brockmeiers
  • Claire
  • Tihleigh
  • Amy A/W
  • Jaime/Todd
  • Bryce
  • James


Dinner Ideas:

  • what's fresh at the market?
  • plan leftovers ahead of time (2-3 meals)
  • read to each other during cooking/clean up
  • add quinoa for more protein and low calories



  • exercise daily with Alex
  • ballet classes (once I've learned some Russian)
  • get involved in a women's group or otherwise find group of friends
  • seek out local libraries, librarians, higher ed professors/researchers



  • complete dissertation
  • complete PhD
  • obtain adjunct teaching position at university
  • complete novel (Godmother)
  • learn Russian enough to 1) order food, 2) shop, 3) talk with locals

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